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New Years Day Blossom


It seems hard to believe, but this Jan. 1 I had an iris bloom. It is something of an odd occurence. Due most probably to harsh summer weather, long mild fall and moderate winter temperatures and lots of rain.

My head knows this, my heart tells me different.

My heart wants my brain to believe that… This is a sign of a unique and prosperous year. A time when the unexpected will bloom and delight when I least expect it.

I hope my heart is right and my head learns to listen.

Blessings and delight to all.

It’s the 10th of January now. I still have blooms opening.


About dustbunnyartist

Artist, hiker, yogi, dog lover, baker,Greenie who creates Anything and everything. Loves outside, outsider art, bike riding-- thats the pedal type, folk art, photography, jewelry, antiques, car shows, art cars, fabric, silk painting, bottles, and rusty items.....Hence the Dust Bunny Art Movement is born!

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